Syndicated Capital Group

Welcome, if you are interested in becoming an investor with Syndicated Capital Group Inc. please take a moment to review our Procedure on Buying and fill out a Personal Profile form so that we may contact you with more information about our growing business.

Feel free to browse our listings for a glance at what we have to offer. We at Syndicated Capital Group Inc. would like to demonstrate the steps that you would take as investors when purchasing property. These are steps that should be followed in order to receive a commission for property purchased.

1. You must deal with the listing agent or the listing broker ONLY.

2. You must identify yourself by giving your Syndicated Capital Group Inc. business card.

3. You must tell the listing agent or listing broker that you are NOT an agent.

4. You must tell them that you wish Syndicated Capital Group Inc. to receive 50% of the commission.

5. We would suggest that you do not sign the contract until you can review it with us. For more information on how we can help you, see “Contact Us”.”